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TV Reporter Suspended Over ‘Ambush’ of Home Defender Who Killed Two

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2 Responses

  1. Wow, hope she has the benefit of a gun if faced with a similar situation. Or perhaps she’ll just turn and run. I’m glad I live in America wher I’m aloud to make that decision for myself.

  2. Here’s a suggestion: why doesn’t Rrrrrrrebecca Ag-geeeelarrrrrr post up as security for Mr. Walton? I’m sure she could find a creative way of dissuading the criminals from burglarizing the property without shooting them in a “trigger-happy” fit (make them cry on camera?) In fact, let’s just replace our police force and upright citizens brigades with an Ag-geeeeelarrrr-led security task force. It’ll be better’n anything they got in ol’ Iraq, I’m sure.

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