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Thanks to everyone that has supported miamipress we are happy to announce…………

WE HAVE MOVED !!!!!!! WE have Moved !!!!!!!! WE Have Moved !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The story your looking for is here



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  1. I think that the florida D.A should talk to her. Obviously Mr. Epstien been doing this for years… I think 18 months is slap on the wrist for mr. Epstien who is obviously a serial offender. He has been doing this to children for years possibley decades and getting away with it because he targets children from broken home’s with little or no family. Obviously these minors have no one or they would be in school or in this case home sleep , not late night sexual escapades with this sexual predator. The florida D.A please get these girls together for prior bad acts and put this monster away!!!

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