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Britney has visitations right suspended

Thanks to everyone that has supported miamipress we are happy to announce…………

WE HAVE MOVED !!!!!!! WE have Moved !!!!!!!! WE Have Moved !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The story your looking for is here



3 Responses

  1. Yeah she has money and kiddies go head over heels for her but she must be the dummest SOB alive.

  2. You must be kidding — random drug tests so you can be a parent? Maybe they should install web cams in her bathroom and bedroom to make sure she is not committing any ‘other’ immoral acts.
    What a bunch of self-righteous wind bags. Give the fricken kids their mom — imperfections and all.
    Random drug tests — what, we live in fricken China or something?

  3. I agree with Ed,

    They are targeting Britanny.

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