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Robert Downey Jr: Still Alive Off suicide Watch

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5 Responses

  1. I admire Robert so just image how I felt when I saw this headline: “Robert Downey Jr: Still Alive Off suicide Watch” from the Miami Press!!!

    My heart pounding and my hands shaking, I click on the link and it turns out it someone’s horrible idea of a joke to make their point they don’t like man-purses!!! “Robert Downey Jr, should drop the man purse unless that’s were the stash is.”

    It just really infuriates me to see how some people can be so cruel and callous!! Using such a tragic line to attract readers… especially since Owen Wilson made headlines with what seems to be a real suicide attempt. Grrrrr!!!! Just had to get this off my chest!!

  2. Is this supposed to be funny? For God’s sake, the man has been healthy for the last FIVE YEARS! Give it a rest already! The picture is of a man out for a walk. I guess that was not enough to write about so you had to think up something “clever” to say. How utterly silly!

  3. This has to be the silliest headline ever written!!
    miamipress is a joke !&%“!

  4. That is not funny and in very bad taste. In fact it is so much worse than whatever the writer may think of man purses.

    Drug addiction is a serious matter and should not be used as a by-line. Further, Mr. Downey have been clean and healthy for years now so to see his name and image being used in that manner is absolutely infuriating.

    IT IS NOT WITTY, IT IS NOT FUNNY, IT IS NOT CLEVER!!! What it is, is mean-spirited, cruel and callous and yes, in very poor taste especially from someone passing himself or herself off as an arbiter of good taste in clothing and accessories.

  5. HA!HA!HA!…is this so funny?I dont think so!I’m wondering who wrote that headline,who had that “clever” idea! Hey,i dont know if someone finds it funny…but it isn’t.If you dont like wathing Mr. Downey holding a man purse?Fine!But keep it for your self.I thing that style it’s perfectly awesome and that black purse is fabullus…And how knows?Maybe i’ll buy it too!!!

    P.S:Sir or Madame…..if anyone told you not to write again..dont ask “why”!

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