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DJ cancels party for ‘light-skinned’ blacks

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3 Responses

  1. I really did not belive this when I saw it.
    But now I know this was true

  2. my name is dj rodney day, i’m a dj from detroit and i know dj lish personally. despite lish being my competition he is a worthy opponent on how he conducts his business and promotes his venues. however i believe his idea and motive was innocent, but just not well thought out. i truly feel that if it were chocalate woman free all nite for the first venue, instead of light skinned woman, then we probably wouldn’t even be commenting on this particular topic. now on the lighter issue what if a girl is on the border line of carmel/ darker complexion would she get in for free? thinking about that makes me confused when collecting money at the door. i wish dj lish the best of luck. detroit has the most hardest working dj’s in the world. http://www.djrday.com

  3. I’m having a “non-broke-ass niggaz” party…. which means that you must have a net worth of 1.2Million and past two years’ salary of 250K at least….HA HA HA…that’s the party AAALLL the light AAAANNNDD dark sistas want. dj dcikhead 2007. Nah I’m playin. Have the party. Who cares. I only date very rich, educated men, so that’s discrimination too. And I’m a Daaarkeeey.

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