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Cleveland Shooting: Full Coverage

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  1. This school sounds like it’s full of bullies. Michael Peek was quoted in another paper as saying:

    “He pulled the gun up to my face and I reacted so I hit him and I started to run and then he shot me in my side,” says the 15-year-old. “As I was running away, I turned to look back and that’s when he shot and it hit me in my side. I was scared to tell you the truth.”
    Peek’s own statement doesn’t even make sense.

    You react to someone pulling up a gun to you by punching him and then running away? This fat kid has been reported by other students, including Rasheem Smith above, as not knowing Coon had a weapon and merely punching Coon out of a reaction to Coon bumping into him after exiting the bathroom.

    This school sounds like it’s full of ignorant, lying, violent kids who unfortunately have their education paid for by a philathropic billionare who allocated his funds to the wrong cause. Coon was no angel but it sounds like those same kids who were involved in the earlier altercation will be making headlines themselves in the future under the criminal section of the paper.

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