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Bobby Brown Flips Whitney the Finger on Death Bed

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4 Responses

  1. […] poplifebiz wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt“I got my heart and everything checked out earlier this morning, and I’m just fine.” Brown lives in Southern California. He is the former husband of singer Whitney Houston and is seeking custody of their teenage daughter. […]

  2. […] miamipress wrote a fantastic post today on “Bobby Brown Flips Whitney the Finger on Death Bed”Here’s ONLY a quick extractI had a heart attack, you know and you know this is, this is really messed up, I don’t know what’s gonna happen, so just know I love you all. Take care yourselves, I love you. All my boys, New Edition, peace, man. … […]

  3. Bobby Brown didnt throw Whitney a finger in fact Whitney is the reason why Bobby had the heart attack. Whitney found out about another tell all book that hit the streets hours before Bobby had his heart attack. Whitney called Bobby furious and screaming about what the book said about Whitney. Bobby with his combination of drugs and the fear of Whitney’s good name being exposed was rushed to the hospitall with extremely high blood pressure. The book is called The Father Fracture by Pam Pinnock. She’s the publicist in Atlanta and also Mike Tyson’s ex-girlfriend. She was dating Bobby after he and Whitney got divorced. Apparently Whitney Houston even after the divorce had not let Bobby go. In the book it states that Whitney spotted Bobby and Pam together and she tried to run Pam over with her car. Bobby like a chicken he is took off running and left Pam there to defend herself. Bobby later begged Pam not to press charges against Whitney. So Bobby still love Whitney don’t get it twisted.

  4. Isn’t it strange? High profile people still have the same range of debilitating emotions as us ordinary folks, it just seems that it becomes harder to make sense of them when you’ve got the tabloid press and your publicist in your face. Bobby really needs to get that high blood pressure under control before his plumbing gets blown out. Take from one who knows!

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