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Playboy to feature less “Cookie-Cutter” Blondes

Thanks to everyone that has supported miamipress we are happy to announce…………

WE HAVE MOVED !!!!!!! WE have Moved !!!!!!!! WE Have Moved !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The story your looking for is here



One Response

  1. Hi Holly, Congrats on your new job; I really think you can bring something new and young and fresh to the Playboy team. My girls are 20 and 18; all their friend tell me I am a MILF (mother I’d Like to Fuck) Now, that’s not necessarily the nicest way to put it. But, being 42 and the mother of 2 I have to akmit that it does make me fell good. Many people tell me that I look about 28-30. I hope it lasts.

    I think it would be really cool if you did a playboy with a bungh of young looking mothers instead of all the yound girls that usually fill your pages.

    I am Puerto Rican and Mexican; a Mexirican is what I like to call myself.

    I am sure that I’m not the only mother in her 40’s that is blessed with young looks.

    So what do you say? A section on MILFs…lol. I would love to have the chance to be in playboy; I know I wouldn’t make the cover but it would be fun to see how many MILF playboy could come up with.
    Peace and Grace,
    Angelina Velez

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