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Hot for Teacher

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5 Responses

  1. Only a lowlife would defend her lowlife behavior.

    Am I a hater? Nope. Of course the idiots don’t understand standards of decency, so they call you a hater when you point out their low standards.

  2. If she has broken no laws, nor harmed any students, then what she does in her own life is her own damn business. She has not interfered with any one else’s life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness. The state’s provision for “addressing unprofessional behavior by teachers” is nothing more than government sponsored oppression.

    And furthermore, just who found these pics? Obviously someone who knew her, so what were *they* looking for?

  3. And now that I’ve actually *read* everything, I see that it was her ex-husband who reported the pictures. Shootin’ my mouth off . . . or would that be my fingers?

  4. Does she have the right to do this? yes

    Is it wise for a teacher to do this? no

    Would I make sure my son or daughter was out of her class? Yes.

    When people post their private lives in public and that private life is questionable, it shows an immaturity and lack of character.

    I want my children to not just learn the fundamentals of their education at school. I also want teachers to teach lessons with their lives about what character and integrity are all about.

  5. Sam sums things up well…I agree 100%!

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