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Sodomized Ex-McDonald’s Employee Wins $6.1M

SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. — A Shepherdsville jury has awarded $6.1 million to Louise Ogborn, a former Mt. Washington McDonald’s employee. Ogborn had sued for $200 million. The jury also awarded $1.1 million to a former assistant manager who strip-searched Ogborn.Ogborn sued the company after being strip-searched, humiliated and sodomized in the back office of its Mt. Washington store. A man impersonating a police officer called there in April 2004 and persuaded assistant manager Donna Summers that Ogborn, then 18, had stolen money from a customer.The caller asked Summers to take Ogborn into a back room and strip search her. A security tape showed Ogborn, crying and covered only in an apron after the strip search, enduring further humiliation that continued for more than three hours.nix.jpg

According to court records and security camera tape, the caller’s requests became more bizarre as the situation proceeded. Eventually, Summers called her fiancé at the time, a middle-aged man named Walter Nix Jr., to come to the restaurant and guard the teen while continuing with the caller’s demands while Nix went back to work.According to the tape, Nix, while continuing the phone call, made Ogborn remove her apron, jog in place with her hands in the air, do jumping jacks, stand on a chair and, eventually, Nix began spanking her for several minutes at a time.The taped showed Summers reentering the room several times, at which point Nix would throw the apron back to Ogborn and remove it again each time Summers left.Eventually Nix ordered Ogborn to perform oral sex on him.The abuse stopped when a second man, a maintenance worker at the store, was called into the room, picked up the phone and refused to follow the caller’s instructions.Nix was later convicted of sex abuse, sexual misconduct and unlawful imprisonment and sentenced to five years after pleading guilty in the case.

Source: NBC6


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  1. Wow.. what an idiot.. I believe a four year old could figure that they were being scammed. I remember my father teaching me about what “battery” meant when I was very young.. Remember parents teach your children COMMON SENSE! It was put into my head over and over as a child don’t let others touch you in any way and do not obey stranger’s that you do not know.. All I can say is why would a jury reward complete stupidity.. Honestly, I believe the girl was a partner to the crime.. They probably saw a company memorandum warning of this event and figured what a perfect idea to steal money from the company.. All were a party to the crime that was successful – They scammed the court system and McD’s… The movie Idiocracy is coming true…

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