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Do Not Mess With Scientology

 Bad things happen to those who mess with Ron L.

October 5, 2007 — BARRY Bonds‘ ex-mistress, Kimberly Bell, was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to pose for the November issue of Playboy – but she won’t see one penny of it thanks to David Hans Schmidt, the super-sleazy porn broker who committed suicide at age 47 last week.

“He completely ripped me off. He brokered my deal with Playboy, [all] the money went into his account and he used it to pay his attorney’s fees,” Bell told Page Six. She then eerily recounted a dramatic phone call Schmidt made to her hours before he hanged himself by a shower rod to avoid two years in jail for his $1 million plot against Tom Cruise involving stolen wedding photos.bonds.jpg

“He was very upset and he had all these thoughts going through his head. He said he was really remorseful,” the busty beauty told us. “I thought it was genuine. I told him, ‘What you really need to do is to write letters to the people that you conned.’ He said, ‘This [taking her Playboy fee] shouldn’t have happened to you or anybody,’ and I said, ‘Yeah, but you continue to do it!’ ” Within hours, Schmidt – whose slimy business has included handling X-rated footage of Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx and Paris Hilton – was dead.

Bell said she’d known Schmidt for a very short time. “I only met him about a month before the Playboy shoot. He approached me at a restaurant and started talking and left me a card. I knew nothing about his background. But after going to his office and seeing pictures on the wall of him shaking [Bill] Clinton‘s hand and with Shari Belafonte and Katarina Witt, I was taken with that. He made one phone call to Playboy and that was that. But then he wasn’t able to attend the actual shoot because he’d been arrested. schmidt2707_228x261.jpgThe Playboy money went into his account the day before he was busted.”

Pathetically, before Schmidt hung up, he offered Bell a feeble olive branch – “A china set that I could go and auction off on eBay to get some money,” she said.

Meanwhile, Bell may be called to give more testimony before a grand jury investigating Bonds and whether he lied about his use of steroids. She says while her experience with the home-run king has soured her on baseball, “I plan to root for the Yankees while I’m in town.”

Source: NYP


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