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Alyssa Milano “I’m Not a Groupie”

Ok Alyssa we don’t think your a Jock Groupie.

Alyssa — (who has a thang for dating dating baseball players) — points out when a female dates more than one athlete and she is labeled a “groupie” — or a little loose — Whilejet1aa.jpg player Derek Jeter — (who is known for dating his share of actresses) — is called “the man.” “there’s an incredible double standard going on in that we think Derek Jeter is cool because he’s dated lots of actresses,” Milano said. “I just think my history has become a crutch. It’s the easy joke to go to.”

Source: PB


2 Responses

  1. People, I like baseball, for some unGodly reason I am into the stats and all, can recite them at the perfect moment like the best of them. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean I want to dress up and advertise my fandom with special women’s designed clothing with mlb logos. Alyssa, you’re taking the baseball thing to an all time stalking high. It’s all you are surrounding yourself with and then you go and say you’re swearing off athletes. Looks to me like you are stalking someone. WHO? is the question. Totally stalking. If you’re done then be done and go do something else but don’t be the epitome of crazy bitch by saying so and then acting the exact opposite way. I don’t respect people who talk out their a##.

  2. Yo yo yo, be easy don’t talk bout someone u don’t know. I have heard many bad things bout her by ppl like u, those who don’t know anything bout her lol this is ridiculous.

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