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Russia: “Father of All Bombs” a Hoax?

 Was the lastest show of force by Russia a hoax? The Russians call the device the “Father of All Bombs,” This Wired Article questions that Claim.

“All that is alive merely evaporates.”

That’s how a Russian official described the effects of what is reportedly the world’s most powerful non-nuclear bomb, tested on September 11. A video released by state media shows a Tupolev 160 bomber, a bomb falling as a parachute unfurls and a huge fireball.

The Russians call the device the “Father of All Bombs,” an homage to the American GBU-43 Massive-Ordnance Air Blast munition nicknamed “Mother of All Bombs.”

Both weapons weigh around 8 tons, but the Russian device reportedly has a more powerful blast: equivalent to 44 tons of TNT, whereas the American bomb is equivalent to 10 tons.

Father of All Bombs “has no match in the world,” a military officer boasts in the official video.

Western media reacted with alarm. An editor for Jane’s told the BBC it was likely that FOAB indeed represented “the world’s biggest non-nuclear bomb.” UPI claimed the device “would enormously boost Russia’s conventional military capabilities.”

But close analysis of the video reveals inconsistencies that have led some U.S. experts to question the veracity of the Russian claims, and to downgrade assessments of the weapon. It’s possible, they say, that the video was partially faked, and that the test was hyped for political reasons.

Source: Wired


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