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ACLU Sues Over Suspension of Student for Long Hair

The mother of a 14-year-old high school student wants her son back at school after he was suspended for long hair that doesn’t comply with the dress code.100407_haircut.jpg

Claudius Benson, a ninth grader at Old Redford Academy in southwest Detroit, hasn’t had a haircut in 10 years because of his religious beliefs.

“This is not about a haircut, it’s about our deeply held spiritual beliefs,” Alecha Benson, Claudius’ mother, told FOXNews.com. “These are strongly held religious beliefs that we have had in practice for much of my son’s life.” The school won’t allow a religious exemption that would permit Benson to return to school.

“Right now, my son is really anxious to return to school,” Alecha Benson said.

Claudius Benson’s hair has not been cut since he was 4 years old because of the family’s interpretation of Old Testament scriptures that prevent the cutting of his hair.

Read story: FOX 


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