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A.C. Mayor Goes AWOL; Mystery Man Appoints Self

New Jersey politicians are the most corrupt in the country. Maybe that’s why the taxes in New Jersey are as high as they are. But they keep electing these crooks so we guess they deserve it.

CBS 3) ATLANTIC CITY Frustrated and confused Atlantic City residents have lately been asking “Where is the Mayor?” Bob Levy, the Mayor of the New Jersey gambling mecca, went missing last week without notice, leaving a power vacuum in his absence.

A local business administrator, Domenic Cappella, recently proclaimed he was personally appointed acting Mayor by Levy himself before his strange disappearance, but has no proof of any agreement. Residents demanded answers to the Mayoral mystery during a city council meeting Wednesday night.


Unfortunately, City Council members could shed little light on Levy’s whereabouts.“I would say AWOL, absolutely without leave. We don’t have an official word that has been delivered to city council on where the mayor is,” a city councilman said.

Levy’s disappearance could not come at a worse time, as rumors of upcoming arrests and resignations are flying during an FBI investigation into the city’s government. Levy’s attorney said his client is on extended medical leave, but would not give any further details.

“If you are sick, if you are in the hospital, let the public know, let the council know,” City Councilman Tim Mancuso said. Business Administrator Domenic Cappella said on September 26, Levy personally appointed him acting mayor, but could provide no concrete proof or explanation of their discussion.

“Before he was hospitalized, he made it known that I should be carrying on day to day business,” Cappella said. But City Council members disagree, saying the only proof of Cappella’s alleged appointment is a memo written by Cappella designating himself.

“So for him to designate himself as the acting mayor is no different than if I were to designate myself as the acting mayor,” said attorney James Leonard Jr. “It’s completely without merit. It’s completely fraudulent and it’s not going to stand.”

Regardless of City Council’s opposition, Cappella said that he will not step down as he has a record of leadership.“Ten years experience as an administrator, I run a $193 million budget, 1,500 employees, dealing with seven unions, saved the city tons of money,” Cappella said. “Let’s put our differences to the side, let’s move the city forward.”

After the tense and argumentative meeting Wednesday evening, the issue of who is in charge remains unsolved. The City Council president did say he would take over the mayor’s duties if the state were to say that it is legal.

Mayor Levy’s whereabouts are still unknown.

Source: CBS3 


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