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Oh I forgot to Tell You I’m HIV Positive

We thought we would post this assholes picture as a public service since he has been busy bangin Miami party girls and not telling them he is HIV positive. So if you have been having unprotected casual sex with this moron get checked.hiv.jpg

MIAMI — A 22-year-old man is jailed on charges that he had unprotected sex with a woman without telling her that he’s HIV positive. A Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation inmate search shows that Elidor Kersaint was arrested June 4. He is being held at the Miami Pre-Trial Detention Center.

Source: WLPG

(CBS4) MIAMI Miami Beach police are asking that women who had unprotected sex with a popular club promoter come forward; 22-year old Elidor Kersaint is HIV positive and knowingly spread the disease to his sex partners.

CBS4 reporter David Sutta says according to his MySpace page, Kersaint paints himself as a pretty popular guy on the South Beach scene who works with some of the hottest clubs including Opium, Purvey, and Mansion. But representatives from the Opium Group say Kersaint was not an employee, but he may have worked with any number of third party vendors they�ve contracted with in the past.

�I can unequivocally confirm that this individual is not an employee of the Opium Group,� said Opium Group representative Vanessa Menkes in a written statement to CBS4.

Sutta reports also on Kersaint�s MySpace page there are dozens of pictures of him posing with club going celebs, and countless pictures of him with half naked women.

But police say Kersaint had a dark secret.

�He carries a �pretty big stick� here in Miami Beach which is attractive for some people,� said Bobby Hernandez with the Miami Beach Police Department. �Unfortunately he could have used that big stick, or attractiveness, to lure these women in to have sex with them and unbeknownst to them he has HIV.�

One woman told investigators she had sex with Kersaint on two occasions and he never told her he had HIV. Police fear there may be other women who had sex with Kersaint and are not aware that he was HIV positive. Miami Beach police are urging anyone who had a relationship with Kersaint to see a doctor and then contact police.

Kersaint, who has been locked up since last June, faces a minimum of five years in prison if convicted.

Source: CBS4


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