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Ghost Boat: Judge says “produce more evidence”

 I don’t even want to think of these two pricks getting away with murder so lets hope there is evidence.

A Miami federal judge on Tuesday pressed prosecutors to produce more evidence against two men suspected in the disappearance of a charter boat crew to justify holding them while prosecutors build their case.missing_boaterssffembeddedprod_affiliate56.jpg

U.S. Magistrate William Turnoff ordered Kirby Archer, 35, and Guillermo Zarabozo, 19, be kept in federal detention, but not before noting the men’s attorneys were on the mark when they argued the charges they currently face were not enough to hold the men indefinitely without bail until their trial.

”It is obvious that there is circumstantial evidence that four homicides took place here,” Turnoff said during Tuesday’s 90-minute bond hearing. “The issue for me factually is — to what extent am I allowed to consider the circumstantial evidence of a homicide here today?”

Full Story: MH


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