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BBC Celebrates 40th Aniversary of Che Death

This is too funny. The BBC reports that Cuban Doctors have saved the sight of the man who killed Che. The operation on Mr Teran took place last year and was first revealed when his son wrote to a Bolivian newspaper to thank the Cuban doctors for restoring his father’s sight.But Cuban media took up the story at the weekend as the island prepares for commemorations to mark Che Guevara’s deathdead-che-guevara.jpg 40 years ago. “Four decades after Mario Teran attempted to destroy a dream and an idea, Che returns to win yet another battle,” the Communist Party’s official newspaper Granma proclaimed.

“Now an old man, he [Teran] can once again appreciate the colours of the sky and the forest, enjoy the smiles of his grandchildren and watch football games.”  If the Cuban Government wasn’t so full of shit. Those Marxists at the BBC just love Che.

Source: BBC 


One Response

  1. You should see the little love fest they published on their website today!


    And they are asking for people’s memories of Che. I suggest every Cuban in Florida who lost family and friends write in to the Beeb with their memories of this bastard.

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