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The New Face of Hip Hop?

It seems Thug Hip hop has been taking a beating these days. Even Black leaders who have been silent about the effect Thug Rap has had on the Hip Hop culture are starting to put pressure on the Record Labels about the content of their tracks. But there are some new rappers on the scene who do not embrace the Thug template. This is an interview at Allhip-hop.com with rapper Chamillionaire who stays clear of the Hip Hop stereotypes. It’s rare to find a rapper who doesn’t have a dance or talks about something other than chicks, cars, and money without suffering for it.chamil.jpg

Allhip-hop.com: So you’re personally concerned about how your rhymes are reaching people?

Chamillionaire: I’d really be bothered. Like it would stick in the back of my head and bother me for the rest of my life if I knew that something I was saying or doing was hurting people.

AllHip-hop.com: David Banner recently spoke out on how our “Black Leaders” treat our generation, especially those of us in the public eye. What’s your opinion?

Chamillionaire: The problem is all public figures like to point the blame. They like to say who’s fault it is but that doesn’t do anything to solve the problem. You can study leaves all day but if you want to know what’s wrong with a tree you have to look at the root. Like the N word. You can say it’s Hip-Hop’s fault but people will still be saying it. And It’s not only that. It’s a big generation gap. These figures, our black leaders were there for the marches and the riots. They know where the N word comes from and what it means. But we’re a different generation. People in the hood still say it and will keep saying it because we know it as something different.

AllHip-hop.com: You seem to have a good mind for politics. If you didn’t make it in Hip-hop what would you be doing?

Chamillionaire: Well, for me the most important thing in the world is to be happy. You see people waking up and going to jobs they hate because the money is good or whatever. But they’re miserable. Whatever I’d be doing I know I’d be doing something that made me happy. Nothing’s more important than that. If you have to take a job for less money but it’s something you love, do it! You’ll be better off in the longrun struggling for something you love to do.

Rest of the interview


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