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miamipress Cool Gear


Insta-Bed Raised Insta-Flex2 Air Mattress — More Rest For The Weary

Comfortable enough to supplant a Sealy, this inflatable boasts such accoutrements as adjustable incline and recline settings for both back and legs. There are faults, though: The motor is noisy and takes quite a bit of time to fully inflate the mattress. $200 (Queen)


Steelcase LEAP Chair — Sit and Grin

The Leap Chair from Steelcase is a piece of office furniture so comfy, your derrière feels like it’s floating on air. The ample seat cushion slides forward as you recline — giving your spine a yoga-like stretch — and the chair back automatically molds itself perfectly to the contours of your back. $1600 as tested


Polk Audio Designs HDX3 — The Sound of Science

At first glance the HDX3 seems to be woefully inadequate. Minuscule remote, no elaborate alarm clock, no fancy programming options. And you know what? We so don’t care. The HDX3 sounds impeccable. Its speakers are plenty loud and provide a precise, balanced sound — overall. $300



Timex Ironman iControl — Keep Those Eyes on the

In an attempt to streamline workout data with music, Timex has created the Ironman iControl. This device provides useful info for runners: lap times, speed and endurance. It also wirelessly controls audio on your iPod, iPod nano or iPhone. In theory, this circumvents the need to pull out your ‘pod and adjust music mid-workout. $125, Timex


Logitech MX Air Mouse – Gets More Air than Jordan

The MX Air soars onto the scene as arguably the coolest mouse in the history of the universe. Its dual use design allows it to function on flat surfaces like a regular mouse, or wielded in the air like a remote. $150, logitech.com


Dell E228WFP LCD — You Can Ping My Dell

It may not be the biggest LCD in the world, but Dell’s E228WFP is a slick 22-inch widescreen monitor designed for those who need a high-def display with extra horizontal real estate and 5-millisecond response times. In short, it’s made to game.$300, dell.com


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