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Mexico Beaches La Nueva Riviera?

Chic hotels? Check. Pristine, jungle-lined beaches? Check. Great shopping, yoga, and mouth-watering fish tacos? Claro que sí. Christopher Petkanas explores the next great beach towns along Mexico’s Pacific coast.

200710_hp_mexico.jpgFor the price of a Four Seasons cabana—$300 per day in high season—you could stay three nights at the Hafa in Sayulita and get change back. Within a cabana’s two hard and two curtained walls are a sumptuous daybed mounded with cushions, a 42-inch plasma TV, and a mini-bar stocked with sunblock and an eye mask filled with coolant. Pick up the phone, and before you have time to put down your paperback the spa sends someone with all the fixings for a chilled-margarita manicure. If it’s two o’clock it must be time for a visit from the sunglass doctor, who cleans, tightens, and makes the scratches disappear from your shades. Every hour a staffer comes by proffering some little temptation: unfermented palm wine, frozen fruit, lassi, a piña colada “whip.” The bar lays on six kinds of caviar. And you thought there was a world caviar crisis.

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