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What Happened to Vida Guerra

Vida Guerra was the sexiest Cubana vida2.jpg at one time, but since the Hip Hop click got a hold of her she looks like a cheap Video Ho…. she has been in enough Hip Hop videos to qualify her as one. She looked so classy in the old days, but in the latest pics Vida looks like a Busta Rhymes reject. She has been hit with PGF (party girl fever) Hitting the clubs slurring her words seen leaving the clubs barely being able to drive. It is a shame how some young women get caught up in the scene and forget their Heritage. Cubanas are known for the classy way they carry themselves but it looks like Vida has lost her roots. Or she never had any. Yes she is beautiful but it looks like only photoshop can save this train wreck. Other than the fact she can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t act she better hope her ass doesn’t lose that battle with gravity.

Check the latest tipsy Vida video


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