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Welcome to the Jungle

Not too long ago, options for visitors to the Brazilian Amazon region were limited: You flew to Manaus, stayed at the Tropical Manaus Hotel on the outskirts of the city, and took day trips to the edge of the forest.

Over the past few years, because of the boom in ecological and adventure tourism,ama.jpg lodgings have sprung up all over the region. Travelers can now book a stay in the jungle with an expectation of, if not luxury, then at least a reasonable degree of comfort. (Though there are still signs like this, posted in the rooms at the Tiwa Amazonas Ecoresort, just across the river from Manaus: “Warning: The simultaneous use of the shower and the air conditioner is forbidden!”)

There are easily a dozen of these new hotels, the main concentration being on the Rio Negro, to the north and west of Manaus, where the tannic acid that darkens the water and gives the river its name inhibits mosquitoes from breeding, and thus reduces the risk of malaria, dengue and other typical tropical maladies.

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