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Noose Lesson Gone Bad at Grambling?

The hangman’s noose is a hated symbol of Old South lynchings and figured prominently in the case against six black teens in Jena. They were charged in the beating of a white schoolmate in the culmination of fights between blacks and whites after hangman’s nooses appeared in a tree at Jena High School. It is interesting how Fox coverage was different than the WPLG local Miami coverage. The Miami coverage was less a shock piece and more a free speech piece.
 The editor of the Grambling State University student newspaper said university president Horace Judson censored the paper by ordering that a story and photos of a race lesson at an on-campus elementary school be removed from its Web site. De’Eric Henry said Monday that The Gramblinite is caught in Judson’s efforts to investigate the lesson on racism, which occurred Sept. 20. During the lesson on racism, a noose was1_61_100107_school.jpg placed around a child’s neck at the Grambling-run Alma J. Brown Elementary School. The school, like the university, is predominantly black. At least one photo shows a woman lifting in her arms a young female student who has a rope around her neck.

The lesson for kindergarten and first-grade students at Alma J. Brown Elementary was racism, with teachers explaining the symbolism of a noose and allowing children to carry shackles and chains, also symbols of oppression, The Gramblinite reported. The students also held a march for equality at the school. Some carried signs supporting the Jena teens.

A woman identified as Irene Booker wrote in a comment posted at the newspaper’s Web site Friday that it was a “(safe) demonstration” meant to show what the rope symbolized to blacks. The posting, in response to a reader’s comment commending the staff for teaching kids about injustice, goes on to say that the rope was around the neck of her granddaughter, whom she said she was holding.

“In order to understand racism, one must experience it to make a connection,” the posting read, adding that many students didn’t understand the “intimidation of the noose.”

Source WPLG

GRAMBLING, La. —  Officials at Grambling State University were meeting Monday after the school newspaper ran photographs of adults at a campus-run elementary school putting a noose around at least one child’s neck.

Kindergarten and first-grade students at Alma J. Brown Elementary School were being taught why nooses are a symbol of racism, an article from the historically black university’s student newspaper said.

The article said the children also were being taught about the “Jena Six” — black high-school students who are accused of beating a white schoolmate. Court proceedings brought about 20,000 to 25,000 people to Jena, about 70 miles from Grambling, for a civil rights march in September.

A press release posted on the Gramblinite’s Web site said three photographs from the event were removed after a staff conference call. Ten others were re-posted to the site Monday after the university’s president ordered the removal of all the photos and the story over the weekend, according to the Gramblinite press release.

Source: FOX 


3 Responses

  1. This is sick, and just shows that the blacks are completely out of control, they are literally acting like they are in the jungles, no laws of the land to obey. Pardons are given to them like candy to kids on Halloween. Why isn’t someone calling for these people to be fired? Why isn’t someone suing them? Oh, Just like always different standards for the blacks they have been treated soo bad. These people should be deported back to their homeland of Africa or Darfur, then they will quit bitching and crying about everything.

  2. You have no idea what really happened at the school. The fact is you were not there. If you are not a teacher that works with young children you really don’t know how much they can understand. The lesson was about what happened and what is still happening. Talk to a child; ask a child what they know. If you listen they will talk. They know what it means to punished fairly and unfairly. They know that when you do wrong you should be punished but hopefully you are punished fairly. The Jena 6 was not getting fair treatment. Perhaps you believe young children can’t understand because you don’t fully understand. This march was academically based and was on target with what the state of Louisiana says students are to learn in the subject of social studies. When all is said and done this is the true lesson of the march: when someone is being treated unfairly you have the right to say that the treatment is unfair in any manner you choose to say it.
    P.S The rope was not tied at all!

  3. First and foremost I am not a racist. I belive the incient here was misfortunate for the kindergardern student. This is no way to teach our kids, it only perpetuates hatred against whites. If these were white teachers that did this the NAACP would have their jobs. If African Americans want total equality, and I want the same, then these teachers should be fired for what they did. I suspect they will not be. There can never be equality as long as we let these things happen!!!

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