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Culpepper Awesome Dolphins Suck drop to 0-4

Quarterback Daunte Culpepper didn’t say much to his Oakland Raiders teammates to let them know how sweet revenge felt against his old team.

Culpepper didn’t need to after rushing for three touchdowns and throwing for two to propel the Raiders to a 35-17 victory against the Dolphins Sunday.

Seven-time Pro Bowler Warren Sapp had plenty to say about Culpepper’s inferno in the quarterback’s first game against the Dolphins.cullpepper.JPG

”Most Florida boys walk with a chip on our shoulders, so after a team brings a guy in [quarterback Trent Green] and you get ready to go to work and they escort you off the field, it’s best served cold and it was freezing out there today,” said Sapp, who played at Orlando Dr. Phillips High School, the University of Miami and for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“There [aren’t] too many chances that you get to redeem yourself when somebody [treats you] like they did. Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

Source: MH 


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