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Chavez Top Advisor a German Marxist

The whole plan to destroy Western civilization is spelled out by Chavez’s top adviser Heinz Dieterich. If the Western Powers disregard the very plain strategy that is being hatched by the enemies of the US, Japan, France, Germany, England, Australia and maybe India they will find themselves in a war that will be truly global and may lead to massive losshienz.jpg of life and will test the resolve of the West. It is right in front of us. Will we see it? This is one question he answered in a interview on how to destroy Western civilization.

5. How can we defeat the western imperialistic phalange?

This is the logic of Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler, of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Jose Maria Aznar. It is the essence shared by liberal, Christian Democrat and Fascist capitalism: the whole world must be exploited and repressed, in order to keep the national “popular beast” under control. That was the origin of the First World War, of the second, and with this new kind of fascism will probably be the motive of the third.

The new fascism must be defeated in three theatres of operations: 1. militarily; 2. politically-defensively and 3. politically offensively-strategically.

5.1 It is evident that the irregular war doctrine will put the first finger in the dyke before the advance of the phalange, but it is also evident that without nuclear weapons and ballistic rockets a real dissuasive force doesn’t exist. Without strategic weapons there won’t be national-regional sovereignty in the future.

5.2 To avoiding the transformation of Japan and Germany into warlike states is an urgent mission for social movements, parties and progressive nations from Europe and Latin America. The growing brightness of the Latin American Revolution shining over Europe coincides with the rise of Centre-left forces in France, but particularly in Germany, something that should be used to build a defensive transatlantic Alliance against the new fascism.

5.3 No war can be won on the defensive; for that reason, the task of strategic defence has to be linked to the strategic offensive mission, that is the program of the 21st Century Socialism.

This is the only way to defeat the western phalange that seeks to extend worldwide the work of terror they began back in 1492.

There lays the importance of trying to avoid the dependent imperial-fascist transformation of Germany and Japan under Washington’s leadership.

Heinz Dieterich is a sociologist and economist. He has been a professor at Autonomous Metropolitan University in Mexico City since 1977. Since the 1990s, he has been working on “Socialism in the 21st Century,” also called the “New Historical Project.” He has published more than 20 books in 15 countries. He participated in the Rosa Luxemburg Conference this year.

Full interview: Tlaxcala


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