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Nomadic Peruvian Tribe found Updated

 It is hard to believe that there are nomadic tribes deep in most remote corners of the world. This is our living history and must be treated with the most respect.This link I found is a great starting point for those interested in the plight of these ancient tribes.

LIMA (Reuters) – Ecologists have photographed a little-known nomadic tribe deep in Peru’s Amazon, a sighting that could intensify debate about the presence of isolated Indians as oil firms line up to explore the jungle.

55_map.pngIn some of the most remote parts of the Peruvian Amazon live an estimated 15 isolated (or uncontacted) tribes.

How do they live? These tribes are nomadic or semi-nomadic, living in small family groups that move around frequently. During the dry season families tend to live by the rivers, when fishing is easier in the shallow water and turtle eggs can be collected from the sandy beaches. In the wet season they retreat further into the forest to hunt and collect fruits, berries and nuts.

What problems do they face? The Peruvian government is opening up these peoples’ territories to oil companies, and much of their land has also been invaded by illegal loggers. Isolated Indians are especially vulnerable to any contact because they have no immunity to outsiders’ diseases. In recent years, some tribes have seen half their number wiped out by disease after uncontrolled contact.

How does Survival help? Survival’s campaign against oil company Mobil, who explored in the south-east of Peru in the mid 1990s (see video clip below), played a large part in their eventual withdrawal, and in the Peruvian government’s decision to create a reserve for isolated tribes in 2002. Survival is now calling on the government to protect this reserve and others by removing the loggers, stopping the entry of all outsiders, and prohibiting any form of natural resource extraction on their land. Survival is also calling for Peru to comply with national and international law by recognizing the tribes’ land ownership rights.

Source: Survival 

If Video doesn’t work Click You Tube to view.


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