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Hip Hop Cops lose The Game

A never-ending tail with a twist: The Hip-Hop Cops follow their man but lose him in the end.

The Hgame.jpgip Hop Cops are a poorly kept secret; the NYPD continues to deny its existence. “No such thing,” spokesman Paul Browne tells the Voice.

The Game’s arrest last November 16 after a traffic stop puts the lie to that, according to fresh details of the incident—and according to the NYPD detective who created the unit. “Game is right in his assessment that the cops are following him—they are,” says NYPD detective Derrick Parker, who founded the squad, formally known as the Rap Intelligence Unit, in the early 1990s, wrote a book about it (Notorious C.O.P.: The True Story of the NYPD Hip Hop Cop), and is now retired. “The reason being is, they don’t want another rapper killed.” Parker says there are now as many as 10 NYPD cops working full-time gathering intelligence and doing surveillance on rappers. No. 1 on their list, he says, is 50 Cent, followed by the Game.

Rappers are not only being hounded but, in the Game’s case, arrested on spur- ious charges.

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Source: Village Voice


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