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Halo 3

Initial sales for Master Chief’s latest incarnation are coming in, and the Xbox 360 exclusive title has sold through 1.8 million copies during the first 8 hours of release. The break down is 1.5 million sold through pre-orders, with an additional 300,000 copies pre-order.halo3.jpg sold without Estimations predict that a total of 950,000 units will be sold within the first 24 hours, bringing the grand total to 2.45 million. Microsoft has released the game in three SKUs ranging in price from 59.99 to 129.99, and the that the average sale price of the title is currently at $78.00. This means that, Microsoft has already made an estimated 140.4 million dollars and is expected to cash-in on 191.1 million dollars before the end of the day. This would put Halo 3 at the top of the list for any form of entertainment’s top “one day sales”.Bungie and Bill Gates will be rolling on a bed strewn with money laughing maniacally and kissing one another profusely before the week is finished. Can’t you feel the love?

The post-launch Bungie weekly update is, well, rather short. That’s because there’s probably nothing more for Bungie to give us, or in the immortal words of Austin Powers “… and I’m spent!” Not only that, but many on the Bungie team have been working their butts off the past few week in preparation for the Halo 3 launch. That said, many of those Bungie employees shipped overseas are just now returning home to their families.

Regardless, in the aftermath of the launch, Bungie are still tackling some of underlying Halo 3 issues; many of which aren’t issues at all. To subdue the irritable, Bungie are now providing a convenient Halo 3 Launch Week FAQ to clear up some of the more commonly asked questions. If your question right now is “Where is that damn skull, Bungie!”, don’t expect an answer from any of the Bungie employees as “that’s part of the fun.” Bungie admits that some of the achievements are rather difficult to obtain, but assures us they are indeed possible to obtain.

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