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McClatchy stock continues its nosedive

We have been saying the print press has lost touch with the News readers. The New York Times is in deep trouble and the Miami Herald ignores the demography of Miami, and continues on it’s elite path to self destruction. The old guard of newsroom editors seems lost as to the hunger people have for a more open minded look at journalism. New Mediums such as nowpublic.com are starting to make a dent in newspaper sales. Miamipress.com is ready to expand it’s reach to bring information to the masses in a simple no nonsense approach without bias and giving the reader the choice of making decisions on their own without reading only one side of the story.herald.jpg

Shares for McClatchy, the parent company of the Herald fell to a 52-week low of $22.61 . No word on what caused the 3.2% drop. Surely recent ad revenue numbers didn’t help.

The point is Honesty and Truth. The Herald is run by people who are afraid to speak to their readers without fear. They go over words and use code words as to not offend anyone like if the reader is a child that needs to be protected by them. The new Ombudsman EDWARD SCHUMACHER-MATOS writes “The Herald cannot ride roughshod over local feelings and usage. I don’t agree with journalists who think that ethics require working in a vacuum. That is self-righteous arrogance. The Spanish newspapers I published in Texas used ”indocumentado.” But a second community of readers find themselves marginalized in The Herald, a paper they see as having a pro-immigrant tilt. The use of ”undocumented” is part of that. For the sake of all its readers and for accuracy, I would like to see The Herald go back and forth between the two phrases, as some papers do elsewhere. Solomonic? Perhaps. But the truth is, there is no truth. Or at least no single right answer.”

Now do you see The Herald is Doomed. They are more worried about political correctness than the truth.


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