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Cuba releases top female dissident after brief detention

Cuban authorities on Thursday detained and then released Marta Beatriz Roque, the island’s most prominent political female dissident, following a protest at the Justice Ministry, Roque told AFP. Government security agents took Roque to her house and released her, the dissident told AFP.cubandiss.jpg

Roque had earlier led a demonstration demanding dignified treatment for political prisoners, and delivered a letter addressed to Justice Minister Maria Esther Reus.

“Some 15 agents of state security and three women police officers forced me onto a bus,” said Roque. Police then dropped her off at her home.

A number of other Cuban dissidents were also reported detained Thursday.

Elizardo Sanchez, another prominent activist, earlier told AFP that four or five others people who were with Roque at the protest were also arrested.

And Roque earlier told AFP that authorities had detained 21 dissidents including Jorge Luis Garcia Perez, who was released in April after 17 years in prison for political offenses.

According to the dissidents there are 250 political prisoners in Cuba, a number that has decreased during the 14-month interim presidency of Raul Castro.

Source: Breitbart


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