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How The Mighty have Fallen

Dressed in a drab prison uniform, once high-flying lawyer Louis Robles pleaded guilty in federal court in Miami to charges of stealing $13.5 million in settlements from thousands of elderly clients ailing from exposure to asbestos.

Robles, 59, who lived in a Key Biscayne mansion before his legal empire collapsed, could spend his golden years in federal prison.

Key BiscayneThe disbarred personal injury attorney faces up to 15 years behind bars on three mail fraud convictions. He must also forfeit the asbestos settlements — though prosecutors could only recover $1.1 million.

U.S. District Judge Alan Gold accepted Robles’ plea deal on the brink of trial, saying it was ”more appropriate” than previous deals that had limited his ability to punish him more harshly. The earlier deal required Robles to plead guilty to two mail fraud offenses, which carried a maximum 10-year prison sentence.

His sentencing is set for Dec. 4. Gold revoked his $1 million bond and placed him in the federal detention center last spring after Robles had spoken with his girlfriend about fleeing.


2 Responses

  1. you are saying only for $million?what else you want?

  2. At least Robles can thank his lucky stars he did not die from asbestis like my father. His ethics is as low as it can go when he steals from sick and dead people.

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